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SB3 READY Coating Preparation Spray  

SB3 READY prepares painted surfaces to accept any SB3 Ceramic Coatings by cleaning the surface for a proper bond. Polish residues, oils, waxes, and even build up on microfiber towels will create microscopic barriers which that reduce coating life. SB3 READY works fast to encapsulate the residues and whisk them away from the surface so your hard work shines on for years to come! 

-Spreads easily and wipes away completely 

-Removes oil, wax, and other residues 

-Lubricated to prevent post-polishing marring 

-Leaves behind a clean surface ready for coating application

Using diluted alcohol or some prep solvents can leave behind some stubborn residues which affect the bonding process. Worse, they often lack the lubrication necessary to clean delicate paint without micro-scratching. SB3 READY is chemically engineered to remove all residues quickly and slide across the surface while cleaning to leave behind a mark free finish. Preparing  the paint has never been so easy or stress-free.

       1. Mist READY directly onto painted or hard surfaces and spread using a folded                microfiber towel.

Ready Buy 4 Get 1 Free - SB3 Coatings

Ready Buy 4 Get 1 Free


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