SB3 Coatings

Surface Specialist

Not just a detailer, but a specialist  highly trained and skilled in surface correction, enhancement and protection. 

What does it take?

SB3 is looking for qualified detailers to join our vastly growing network. We are looking for professionals who have the desire to learn, and work with some of the best our industry has to offer. Our network consists of men and woman from all over the world who come from different walks of life. They are detailers who work hard, stay up to date with processes and procedures, but more importantly look to constantly improve their business and way of life. 

Advantages of becoming a surface specialist

Like many things in life, you get out of SB3 what you put into it. We have a large family of installers who work with each other, and share ideas. We have seen so many detailers join our network and have their lives changed. They meet likewise people who share the same passion and perserverance as themselves. 

 We like to think of ourselves as a big family of detailers who share the same passions and love for vehicles. Working together through trainings, online forums, and social media our family is a strong and growing daily. Many companies will say they like to think outside the box, but we at SB3 like to think like there is no box. We like to dream big, work hard and let our success speak for itself. If your looking to join our wonderful team, please fill out the form below. Keep in mind we get a lot of inquires and it may take a day or 2 to get back to you. 

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