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The Workshop Academies are designed to offer both hands on training, as well as business mentorship. Working together is our approach to success.

Hands on Approach

Our Hands-on training often strives to provide up-to-date information, techniques, or practices in Ceramic Coating Applications. Expect our Regional Trainers to share the latest industry trends, tools, or methodologies relevant to each class.. This ensures that you receive current knowledge and stay abreast of advancements in your area of interest.

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." ~ William Arthur Ward

Our Business education program often incorporates a combination of theoretical concepts and practical applications. Students may learn about business theory and models, develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and gain hands-on experience through case studies, internships, and group projects. The curriculum may also cover topics such as business strategy, organizational behavior, leadership, marketing principles, financial analysis, and operations management.



SB3 Coatings Training Michigan

All Michigan Trainings are held by Ray Rodriguez and Chad Ybarra of Soaking Wet Detail in Holland, Michigan.

Class Address

Soaking Wet Detail

881 Lincoln Ave Holland, Michigan 49423

Training Dates: September 22 and 23rd.

SB3 Coatings West Coast Trainings

Hosted by Shawn Sepulveda at various locations throughout the West Coast.

Class Address

Eight O'Five Detail Shop

2747 Sherwin Ave B-13, Ventura, CA 93003

Training Dates August 18th, and 19th

Class Address

Garvin Auto Spa

1015 NE 99W, Mcminnville, OR 97128

Class Dates : September 23, and 24th

Class Address

APE Luxury Auto Spa

374 Yolanda Ave, Santa Rosa,CA 95404

Class Dates October 7th, and 8th

SB3 Coatings Coatings Tenneesee

Just south of Knoxville in Athens Tennessee Jacob Stiles will be hosting classes on the following dates and times.

Class Address

202 East Madison Avenue Athens, TN 37303

Class Dates

July 13th, and 14th

October 5th, and 6th

SB3 Coatings Training Massachusetts

Chloe Deeb will be hosting Training Classes for our Northeast Regions on the following dates.

Class Address

320 Centre Are Rockland, Ma, 02370

Class Dates September 22-23


10 minutes South of Louisville, Kentucky is Matthew Goode of Goodes Custom Detailing.

Class Address

2781 Coral Ridge Rd. Brooks, Kentucky 40109

Class Dates

July 28th,and 29th

Decmeber 1,and 2

SB3 Coatings Trainings Orlando

Tony Kermali will be hosting the last training of the year in Orlando, Florida.

Class Address

712 W Lake Mary Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773

Date December 9th, and 10th


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