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Overview of Local Installers

SB3 Coatings in Puerto Rico maintains a network of certified local installers committed to providing the highest caliber of vehicle maintenance. The exterior detailing services are provided by our experts, who have passed thorough certification tests. It ensures that your car is well taken care of, including a ceramic coating near me and a comprehensive exterior cleaning. You can be sure that your car is in good hands because of their dedication and experience.

Benefits of Choosing Certified Installers

SB3 Coatings ensures your car will get the best protection in Puerto Rico. Here below are the advantages of choosing the right ceramic coating installers.

Expertise and Experience

Our qualified installers have extensive backgrounds in automotive maintenance and detailing, along with extensive training. They apply state-of-the-art methods of coating application for cars and use chemical resistance techniques to make the best nano-ceramic coatings for your car.

Quality Assurance

Our certified installers adhere to stringent protective coating requirements, with a focus on paint preservation. To keep your car gleaming and safe, they apply the coating with the ideal thickness and offer UV protection.

Customer Satisfaction

Our installers are specialists in surface enhancement techniques and car exterior care. We have received excellent feedback regarding their scratch-resistant coating from happy clients when using SB3 ceramic coating in Puerto Rico.

Search For Installers By Location

With our easy-to-use search tool, you can easily find installers who specialize in vehicle protection and find the perfect one.

Search Functionality

To locate qualified installers by state and city, just use our search engine. When you have this feature, it is guaranteed that all your car’s needs concerning vehicle maintenance and exterior care services will be adequately addressed.

State and City Listings

Our extensive listings feature qualified experts with expertise in different ceramic coating methods and car detailing services. Hence, you can easily find the best ceramic coating for cars, no matter where you are or what your requirements are.

Services Offered by Local Installers

To satisfy your needs for vehicle coating and car surface treatments, our local installers offer a variety of services.

Ceramic Coating Application

Advanced applications of ceramic coatings in Puerto Rico are part of the paint protection services provided. For the finest outcomes with nano-coating, installers use the appropriate application method and make sure the cure time is correct.

Maintenance and Aftercare

With our automotive maintenance and care services, you can keep your car looking nice. Certified installers can offer low maintenance options along with comprehensive maintenance requirements if you’re looking for a ceramic coating near me or the best ceramic coating in Puerto Rico.

Additional Services

Our installers provide thorough exterior detailing services in addition to ceramic coating in Puerto Rico. You can be sure that your car will look perfect and be safe, as they are very good at applying scratch-resistant coatings.

Installer Certification Process

Installers of SB3 Coatings who fully comprehend and follow the stringent certification procedure can state with confidence that they are experts in vehicle protection.

Training Programs

Installers go through extensive training in automotive maintenance and detailing. To guarantee superior Ceramic Pro installations, they acquire a variety of application methodologies.

Quality Standards

High requirements for the best ceramic coating in Puerto Rico are met by certified installers. They follow stringent rules on UV protection and hardness levels.

Continuous Education

Installers take part in continuing education in surface enhancement techniques and car exterior care to stay up to date. To meet maintenance requirements and deliver the best nano-ceramic coating, they continuously update their skills.

How To Become A Certified Installer/Detailer

Would you like to receive certification as an SB3 Coatings installer? How to do it is as follows:

Certification Requirements

A candidate for installation must fulfill certain requirements in automotive maintenance and detailing service. It is important to possess proficiency in a range of application methods to be able to deliver the best ceramic coating for cars in Puerto Rico.

Application Process

Comprehending paint protection methods and following protective coatings guidelines are part of the process. For certification, it is essential to understand cure times as well.

Benefits of Certification

A few advantages for certified installers include knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies. For instance, utilizing technology for scratch-resistant coatings can be a big plus in building customer trust.


The installation network is a collection of accredited experts that offer ceramic coating and other vehicle protection services to guarantee your car will look great.

Installers must complete demanding training courses and adhere to stringent quality requirements to earn certification, guaranteeing that they offer superior services.

The greatest results are ensured by certified installers, who follow strict quality assurance guidelines and have extensive training and expertise in surface enhancement techniques.

A variety of services, including ceramic coating installation, maintenance, and aftercare, are offered by certified installers. Paint correction is among the extra detailing services they provide.

Ceramic coating provides excellent paint protection by creating a strong, hydrophobic coating that is resistant to scratches, UV rays, and chemical deterioration.

The ceramic coating must be carefully cleaned, polished, and layered throughout the application process. Installers guarantee the greatest outcomes by using advanced application methods.

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